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Affirmations with Alex began as a personal wellness project that organically acquired a global audience of 250k – 400k monthly without ever advertising nor marketing its offerings. Here is Alex’s success story:
While grieving the tragic death of her sister and the end of a decades-long marriage, Alex had to quit therapy because the divorce cancelled her health insurance.
Undaunted, Alex put her English degree to work for her wellness by reading countless mental health books to help her grieve and heal. Of all the wellness strategies Alex discovered, affirmations had the greatest impact on her mindset.
Rather than subscribe to pricey mindfulness apps, Alex began researching and writing her own affirmations. She recorded and posted them on a free streaming app for repeated playback, which empowered her mindset management.
After only six recordings, Alex was surprised to discover that her humble self-healing work had acquired a large global audience. The streaming service offered to pay Alex if she charged listeners to access her work, but she refused. Alex is firmly committed to offering no-cost wellness help to those who need it.
Alex lives in Worcester County and invites her global audience to tune in to WUTY 97.9 to hear her personal affirmations, as well as those requested by listeners.
If you would like to request affirmations tailored to your wellness goals, you can send your request to Alex at

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Alex is the writer, producer, and performer of "Affirmations with Alex," a mental wellness show with almost half a million monthly listens worldwide.

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