Meet the Voices Behind the Mic

Welcome to the heart of Unity Radio – our dedicated and dynamic team of hosts! Each voice you hear on our station brings a unique perspective, a wealth of knowledge, and a deep commitment to our Worcester community. From insightful discussions to entertaining segments, they are the ones who make it all happen. Dive into the world of Unity Radio and get to know the incredible individuals who bring our content to life. They’re not just hosts; they’re storytellers, change-makers, and your neighbors. Discover their backgrounds, passions, and what drives them to be the voice you trust and tune into every day.

Armida Abreu Martinez

Armida Abreu Martínez, CEO & Founder of Divine Growth Coaching, uses holistic methods and NLP to help clients heal and build stronger relationships.

Elizabeth Cruz

Elizabeth, a realtor with over 20 years of experience, specializes in helping Hispanic families with homeownership and manages property, while mentoring girls in STEM.

Ernie Floyd

Ernie is the executive producer of Unity Radio. He began supporting Central MA youth in 1994, founding Pride Productions inspired by his own experiences.

Gary Baldyga

Kendall Westbrook

Kendall combines decades of sales, marketing, and advertising expertise with a commitment to supporting diverse entrepreneurial ventures.

Liza Nyamekye

Liza skillfully manages tasks and teams to create impactful content.

Margie Breault

Margie, a holistic mentor and oracle energy healer, inspires individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and embrace authenticity through spiritual and practical insights.

Quran “Big Q” Avery

Quran, as a Media Marketing graduate with a passion for the world of podcasting and radio hosting.

Rodrigo Alvarado

Panama radio start at 13, now US engineer, manages 7 internet radios, 1 TV.

Serenity Jones

Thick Chick Comedy Serenity Jones is Worcester's Main Squeeze. Host of Stand-Ups and Stand-Outs on Unity Radio 97.9 FM.

Shantelle Campbell

Shantelle merges the skills of strategic marketing with a deep passion for connecting people through the airwaves.

Stephen Bowman

Susan T. Ouellette

A single mother and occupational therapist turned holistic healer and author, she founded SuSanity, driven by a mission to improve lives.

Willette Ofori

Willette is a passionate aspiring singer-songwriter and co-host of The Woo 508.

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