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Smooth Grooves

A mix of smooth jazz.

State of Mind

Explore the journeys and successes of QCC's community, celebrating educational achievements and personal growth in Worcester, MA.

Talking Wellness with the Kiva Center

Unity in the Community

Dive into local issues and voices shaping Worcester's community.

About the host

Since 1990, I’ve dedicated myself to serving the youth of Central MA in various volunteer roles. My passion intensified in 1994, leading me to establish Pride Productions, Inc. ( This drive to support at-risk youth was rooted in my own experiences growing up in Roxbury, MA, where I witnessed crime firsthand. However, positive influences, including local mentors, kept me on the right path. They introduced me to the performing arts and sports, with basketball becoming a significant part of my life. This passion for basketball resulted in over 250 athletic scholarship offers, and I ultimately chose the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA in 1979. I’ve continued my mission to uplift youth by initiating community projects. For a comprehensive look at my achievements and dedication to the youth, please visit and

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